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Development of multifunctional coating machine


With the emergence of a large number of information and the vigorous development of business activities, the demand for copying and printing paper has increased dramatically, which has led to the emergence of carbon-free copying paper and heat-sensitive paper. Carbon-free copy paper is developed for the shortcomings of carbon copy paper. It is widely used in documents, bills, accounts, receipts and invoices.

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Development of multifunctional coating machine

Carbon-free duplicate paper is composed of top paper (CB), middle paper (CFB) and bottom paper (CF). Several copies can be obtained by writing or typing directly in use. Thermosensitive paper is a kind of recording paper which is colored by heat energy. It can be used in fax, cash register, ATM machine, lottery ticket, boarding pass, train ticket, supermarket bar code, queuing machine, ECG recording, etc. [1-2]. Therefore, they have wide application prospects in the market. Due to the different production processes of carbon-free copy paper and heat-sensitive paper, the two-sided coater used to produce carbon-free copy paper can not be used to produce heat-sensitive paper, and the coater used to produce heat-sensitive paper can also not be used to produce carbon-free copy paper, which directly makes enterprises unable to adapt to the diversified market demand.

Because of the different requirements of coating quantity and coating, there are different coating methods. Scraper coater can be used to coat thermal paper and CF paper without carbon copy paper. In the working state, the blade of the scraper rests on the back roll, and the paint on the paper sheet passes through the pressing area formed between the scraper and the back roll to remove excessive paint. By changing the pressure of the scraper to control the amount of coating and finishing the coating surface, the ideal coating surface can be obtained. This coating method belongs to contact coating, and its advantages are that the surface of the coating is not affected by the roughness of the base paper, its smoothness and smoothness are high, and its adaptability to the viscosity of the coating is strong.

High solid content paint can be used to improve drying efficiency, and it can also run at a higher speed. The equipment has high production efficiency and low operation cost. Scraper coater mainly consists of back roller, feeding roller, paint slot, scraper rack, scraper beam, scraper cross beam, edge scraper, spray device, rack and so on.

The scraper holder and the scraper beam are fixed on the scraper beam, which is equipped with a fine-tuning screw for adjusting the amount of the application of the transverse coating to adjust the uniformity of the transverse coating; the diameter of the back roll is 600 mm, the surface is coated with 25 mm thick high-quality chloroprene rubber, and the rubber hardness is P&J 70+2; the coating device is multi-tube feeding, and has overflow loading. Set with scraper angle and pressure adjustment system to adjust the coating amount. There is a fine-tuning stopper between the back roll and the scraper holder, and between the back roll and the feeding roll, in order to accurately measure the clearance and prevent the equipment from colliding with each other and causing damage to the equipment.

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