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Drop simulation analysis of washing machine package


Drop impact will inevitably occur during transportation and handling of transport packages, so in the design process, we will consider what kind of consequences the product will have after the drop impact occurs, and whether it can continue to use. If it can not continue to use, then how much damage it will cause.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment

Drop simulation analysis of washing machine package

If we use the simulation software to simulate and analyze the package, and combine different process parameters, we can find the appropriate process flow, which not only improves the ability of anti-drop and anti-impact of the product, but also makes up for the shortcomings of the physical test. For this reason, this paper chooses the washing machine to transport the package, and uses ANSYS/LS-DYNA general software to simulate its drop. The stress and strain variation rules of the whole transport packaging structure of the washing machine during the drop process are obtained. This provides guidance for the introduction of computer simulation technology into the strength analysis and structural optimization design of transport packaging structure.

This method can obtain the relevant data by testing the samples, but the test action time is very short and difficult to control, and the measured physical quantity is also limited, which can not show the structural response and structural vibration deformation mechanism during the drop process very well. In addition, the cost of physical testing is too high, prolonging the production cycle of products, can not adapt to the pace of today's technological development, and even lose the opportunity to occupy the market.

The design of cross country motorcycle frame with bionics principle is proved to be an effective method. Aluminum alloy frame designed and manufactured on the basis of bionics principle has high rigidity and strength, can adapt to the harsh operating conditions of off-road motorcycles, and will not appear cracks and deformation, thus fully demonstrating the charm of bionics.

The off-road motorcycle equipped with kangaroo bionic frame is not only unique and novel in shape, but also scientific and reasonable in structure. It has become a best-selling product in the European and American market. Its price is 5 times that of the same kind of product in China, and its economic benefit is remarkable. There is no doubt that its added value has been improved with the advanced design methods and methods adopted. The production process is inseparable. At last, other advanced technology such as liquid die forging and micro-arc oxidation are adopted. Its performance index has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad, and won the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award in 2007.

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