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Design and experiment of bag opening mechanism for potted flower packaging machine

Design and experiment of bag opening mechanism for potted flower packaging machine

With the improvement of per capita income and quality of life in China in recent years, people's demand for flowers is increasing year by year, and the corresponding requirements for flower packaging are also increasing. More and more potted flower products are packaged in plastic transparent film bags, aiming at beautifying potted flower products and protecting potted flower products during transportation. Quality. In 2010, China's flower planting area has reached 917,600 hm2. However, potted flower packaging in China is mainly completed manually, with an average operating productivity of only 300 pots/h.

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With the continuous expansion of flower production scale and the continuous improvement of labor costs [6-10], the manual packaging operation mode can not meet the large-scale production of potted flowers, so it is urgent to use automatic packaging equipment in potted flower packaging operation. The Netherlands, a world horticultural power, has widely used automated equipment for potted flower production, among which many types of automatic packaging machines have been developed for potted flower packaging.

The sleeving machine vikopack III developed by VISSER company in the Netherlands uses negative pressure sucker to open the packaging bag. Four potted flowers can be bagged in one operation [19], with a productivity of 2000 pots/h. The miniature potted flower automatic packaging machine manufactured by Crea-tech Company in the Netherlands uses conveyor belt to input potted flowers, and also uses negative pressure sucker to open the packaging bag. The packaging machine automatically sets the packaging bag for potted flowers, and then uses the conveyor belt to output.

The function of potted flower packaging machine is to cover the finished potted flowers with packaging bags. Its operation process mainly includes three links: the supply of packaging bags, the opening of packaging bags and the packaging bags of potted flowers. For potted flowers with packaging bags, Figure 2 shows the overall structure of potted flower packaging machine. The small potted flower packing machine is mainly composed of bag feeding mechanism, bag opening mechanism, bag clamping mechanism, bag sleeving mechanism, frame and control device. In order to improve the working efficiency, two sets of bag feeding mechanism, bag opening mechanism and bag clamping mechanism were set up in potted flower packaging machine. Bag feeding mechanism and bag opening mechanism are arranged symmetrically left and right respectively. Two sets of bag clamping mechanism are arranged at 90 degrees. They can rotate around the displacement axis. The bags opened by the bag opening mechanism are propped up and clamped in turn and sent to the bagging mechanism.

The experiment of bagging mechanism includes two parts: one is to investigate the operating characteristics and existing problems of the existing bagging mechanism of potted flower packaging machine; the other is to add a hook bag device to the bagging mechanism and optimize its structure.

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