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Analysis of technology and structure characteristics of feed pellet machine in China

Analysis of technology and structure characteristics of feed pellet machine in China

The traditional fish pellet granulator can be divided into two main categories: ring mold granule machine and die grain machine. The working principle of the ring die granulator is that the die is a porous cylindrical cylinder, which rotates by transmission. There are 2 to 4 free rotating or driven self-rotating rollers (rollers) with grooves in the cylinder.

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The raw material enters the steel mould, is pressed into the working area by the rotating roller, embedded in the die hole, and extruded from the outer wall of the steel mould, and is cut into cylindrical particles by the cutter. The working principle of the flat die granulator: Its main components are a flat circular steel die and a set of (2-4) free-rotating rollers with grooves. Raw materials fall from top to bottom into the clearance of the roller, are pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller, and long cylindrical objects are extruded from the bottom of the die hole, and cut into granular shape by the cutter.

Feeding mode: Ring die granulator adopts mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotation uses centrifugal force to feed materials into granulation chamber, and cuts extruded materials into particles of different lengths by scraper. Its biggest disadvantage is that the high-speed rotating wear of pressing roll and ring die is serious, and the feeding is uneven; Flat die granulator relies on the material itself. The weight enters the pressure chamber vertically. The advantage is that the roller and the flat die move vertically, avoiding wear and tear caused by high-speed rotation and feeding uniformly. Pressure: In the die with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die press wheel is limited by the die, so the pressure is limited; the diameter of the flat die press wheel is not limited by the die, so it can increase the space of bearing installation, and select large bearings to increase the bearing capacity of the press wheel, which not only improves the pressure of the press wheel, but also improves the pressure of the press wheel. It also extends the service life.

With the development of rural economy and the improvement of farmers'living standards, coal, liquefied gas and natural gas enter rural families. Straw has lost its use as fuel in some rural areas. Farmers in many areas burn straw directly in the open air, causing many fires, seriously polluting the environment and endangering public safety facilities. For example, burning heavy smoke affects the normal course of the aircraft, and at the same time, it is also a great waste of energy.

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