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Application of low temperature and high humidity air defrosting machine

Application of low temperature and high humidity air defrosting machine

At present, whether domestic or foreign meat processing plants, the raw meat used to process meat products is mostly frozen meat and fresh meat, and frozen meat accounts for a certain proportion. Before processing meat products, meat enterprises generally need to thaw frozen meat to a temperature suitable for the process requirements, in order to facilitate the subsequent process (such as dressing, raw material mixing, etc.).

Microwave drying machinery and equipment

According to different thawing methods, microwave defrosting equipment can be divided into: air thawing (static, mobile, pressurized, decompressed), hydrolytic freeze (static, mobile, pressurized, spray, spray, low pressure steam), microwave thawing, Heating Thawing (hot air, steam, hot water immersion, hot plate contact) and so on. Category, currently domestic and foreign meat processing manufacturers, according to their own actual situation, the use of thawing methods are also different.

Microwave thawing is done by microwave heating to thaw frozen meat. In the past, frozen meat was mostly relied on air and water. The two methods are heat transfer from outside to inside. The microwave thawing is not only surface heating, but also internal heating. By microwave thawing, the general 1H can be completed, while the conventional air thawing needs more than 10h.

Because the microwave thawing time is short, it will not give enough time for enzymes or microorganisms to function, and it is not easy to cause meat deterioration, so the quality of microwave thawing meat is better. However, microwave heating is also strong on the surface and weak in the interior, especially in the corner and protrusion, which will produce heating denaturation. In addition, due to the uneven meat tissue, the calorific value of water is significantly higher than that of ice, so there will be a greater temperature imbalance.

The unique high-efficiency humidifier used in the high humidity air thawing machine guarantees the understanding of the humidity requirements in different temperature environments during the freezing process, so that different frozen meat can achieve high-quality thawing, and the automatic thawing process can be realized through the control program. High humidity air thawing machine realizes shorter thawing time, uniform thawing, small temperature difference between central and surface temperatures of food, low juice loss rate, and restores the meat to fresh state after thawing.

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