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Noodle Microwave Sterilizer Making Machine

Noodle Microwave Sterilizer Making Machine

Noodle Microwave Sterilizer Making Machine can be divided into automatic noodle machine and semi-automatic noodle machine.
Semi-automatic noodle press is sometimes manual operation, the noodles have to be repeatedly pressed several times. It has the advantages of high toughness, good tendons and good taste. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow and the efficiency is relatively low.

Electric noodles machine: When using electric noodles machine, the noodles will be directly poured into the noodle bucket of the noodles machine, start the machine, noodles can be directly produced. High efficiency, time saving and labor saving. But the noodles are not very delicate, and can not bear boiling, so it is easy to produce muddy soup.

Manual Noodle Machine: Manual Noodle Machine in the use of the process, you can manually press the noodles in the manual noodle machine repeatedly several times, so that noodles more tendon. The advantage of the manual noodle machine is that the noodles taste good and the noodles taste delicious. However, the manual noodle machine is inevitably slower and less efficient in making noodles.

Noodle Microwave Sterilizer Making Machine

Microwave Sterilization Making Machine Safe Use and Preventive Measures
The machine shall be installed on the flat and hardened ground, and the ground wire shall be marked by the ground wire. The transmission device should be well protected or installed on the wall to avoid injury. Before shifting, maintaining, repairing and maintaining the equipment, the power supply must be cut off, otherwise serious potential personal safety accidents may occur. When equipment and operators have water on their hands, please do not operate the original parts such as electric buttons and switches, otherwise it is easy to cause electric shock; ensure that the plugs are in good contact, and bad contact may cause fire. Do not use damaged power source, and do not put the power cord near the heat source, otherwise it will cause electric shock or fire. When you do not use the machine for a long time, please cut off the power supply of the machine, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

Noodle Microwave Sterilizer Making Machine

Make sure the voltage matching between the motor and the external power supply. When using the three-phase power supply, the leakage protection wiring must be organic.External power supply must match the installation of open protection, and try to reverse, click on the start switch, if the machine reverses, replace the knife gate head. Facer clockwise rotation, to prevent reversal.Oil cannot replace edible oil. Keep the machine clean after shutdown, and there is no residual surface billet in each roll.Maintain lubrication of gear rolling bearings. No other hard sundries are allowed to enter the rolls and gears.Check for any abnormal phenomena before starting, find out the problems and deal with them in time.

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