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Peanut Microwave Roasting Machine


Peanut (roasted) is also known as Fallen Peanut, which belongs to the annual herb of Fallen Peanut of Butterfly Flower Family. Peanut (roasted) is known as "vegetable meat", with oil content up to 50%, good quality and fragrant smell. In addition to food, it is also used in printing and dyeing and paper industry. Peanut (roasted) is also a traditional Chinese medicine. It is suitable for malnutrition, spleen and stomach disorders, cough, phlegm and asthma, and lack of milk.

Peanut Microwave Roasting Machine

Different oil production processes have a great impact on the quality of peanut oil, and we found that :1. The oil extracted after baking peanut kernels in the grinding state has the rancidity phenomenon, and the rancidity becomes more serious with the increase of temperature; 2. The oil extracted from whole kernel and shelled peanut after baking does not have any rankling phenomenon, and its oxidation stability increases with the increase of temperature, its color deepens with the increase of temperature, and the fragrance becomes more and more concentrated.

Peanut Microwave Roasting Machine:

Peanut Microwave Roasting Machine

Peanut is one of the most important sources of edible oil in the jiaodong peninsula. The large peanut in yantai is also famous for its fatty acid composition.Yes, and it has a pleasant smell. In particular, luzhou-scented flower oil. , its fragrance is full-bodied, can compare favorably with oil of small grind balsam, reason suffers the favour of consumer, its economic value also has bigger degree than average peanut oil rise. The quality of peanut oil, such as acid value, peroxide value, oxidation stability, color and flavor, are closely related to the oil production process and conditions, but there are few reports on this aspect.

Microwave Roasting Machine:

Peanut Microwave Roasting Machine

Generally speaking, domestic edible grease develops to two aspects. On the one hand, advanced refined edible oils will be developed. This kind of oil has the characteristics of tasteless, odorless, light color, high smoke point and low turbidity temperature. On the other hand, oil with traditional characteristics will be vigorously developed. This type of oil has a unique pleasant smell and taste, often with a darker color, without any refining process. Such as small grinding sesame oil and luzhou-scented flower oil. The main quality indexes of luzhou-scented flower oil are acid value, peroxide value, color, fragrance and oxidation stability. Among them, peroxide value and oxidation stability will directly affect the health of consumers. Oxidized rancid oils are more toxic and can cause cardiovascular disease and cancer. The badly rancid oils also gave off an unacceptably pungent smell. The oxidation stability is closely related to the shelf life. Oil oxidation stability is good, indicating that its shelf life is long, not easy to deteriorate.

The color and smell of the oil were compared by the senses, and it was found that the oil obtained from the broken flower kernel had a distinct taste of ha, and was roasted with it.The baking temperature increases and thickens, and the color darkens. From whole kernel and the grease that take out from the peanut that take shell bake, not only do not have any ha flavour, and still have very pleasant fragrance, and fragrance becomes more and more intense as the temperature rises, colour and lustre is deepened also.

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