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Musical Instruments Microwave Drying Machine

Musical Instruments Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave Drying Machine
Electromagnetic radiation drying is to use the electromagnetic induction or infrared radiation effect of microwave to heat and dry materials. Different from other external heating drying methods, this drying method is a method of uniform heating from both outside and inside of the material. Therefore, this drying method has a short time, does not deteriorate or coke due to overheating, and its drying products are of good quality, especially the drying effect of heat-sensitive food is more satisfactory.

Musical Instruments Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave is absorbed in the fast changing high frequency electromagnetic field and interacts with material molecules to produce heat effect. Microwave energy is directly converted into medium heat energy. After microwave is absorbed by the object, the object spontaneously generates heat. Heating starts from the inside and outside of the object at the same time. Different substances can simultaneously heat both inside and outside. Different substances have different abilities to absorb microwave, and their heating effects are also different. This mainly depends on the dielectric loss of the substance. Water is a substance that absorbs microwave very strongly. Generally, substances containing water can be heated by microwave, which is fast and uniform, and achieves good drying effect.

Musical Instruments Microwave Drying Machine

With the development of the situation, the market of musical instruments microwave drying machine has developed rapidly, and the production enterprises have also made good achievements, innovations in technology and increasing benefits. In fact, drying has a long history, as early as ancient times, people began to use natural conditions for material drying. With the development of the times, they are gradually replaced by manual operation. Instead, microwave drying equipment has gradually developed.

Energy saving of microwave drying equipment
Because the substance containing water is easy to absorb microwave and heat, there is almost no other loss except a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, it has high thermal efficiency and energy saving. Microwave drying equipment can save more than 1/3 energy than infrared drying.Microwave drying equipment dries rapidly.
Microwave drying equipment is completely different from traditional drying methods. It is a process in which the dried material itself becomes a heater without heat conduction.

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