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Characteristics and market prospect of food molding machine

Characteristics and market prospect of food molding machine

With the prosperity and development of China's commodity economy, the improvement of people's quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of life, consumers will have an increasing demand for microwave food, microwave drying machinery and equipment, leisure food and frozen food. Industry experts point out that this trend will accelerate the demand for quick frozen food and convenience food packaging.

At the same time, the government has put forward the development plan of agricultural industrialization, focusing on the development of deep processing of agricultural by-products, and the project of deep processing of agricultural by-products needs a large number of corresponding processing machinery, including food forming machines. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has listed food processing and food machinery as priority development projects in the development of food industry, which will bring broad prospects for the development of food machinery industry. Over the next period of time, the annual growth rate of food machinery is expected to exceed 12%. China's food industry has become an industry with great potential for development. Food moulding machine will have broad market space.

1) Put the mixed materials (meat or its mixture and other materials) into the main and auxiliary screw conveyor of the upper part of the box (2) from hopper (3) at low temperature (- 2 ~3 C); (2) convey the materials to the inner cavity of the pressurized sphere (4) by screw conveyor; (3) the materials are compacted and squeezed into the forming hole of the template; (4) the materials are filled with materials. After the forming hole, the main and auxiliary spirals stop feeding. At this time, the auxiliary cylinder pushes the closed valve plate, cutting off (separating) the material in the forming hole from the material in the booster chamber and sealing the material in the hole.

5) The main cylinder pushes the template forward to the right and bottom of the blanking cylinder (5) punch; 6) Under the push of the blanking cylinder, the punch flushes the material from the forming hole onto the mesh belt of the conveyor mechanism (6); 7) The formed meat cake (rice or vegetable cake, etc.) is delivered to the next processing equipment - paste spreader or quick-frozen feeding plate by the mesh belt; 8) The blanking cylinder promptly drives the punch back to its original position after the punch has finished flushing material; 9) the main cylinder (1) brings the template back to its original position (the outlet center of the pressurized sphere); 10) the auxiliary cylinder brings the closed valve plate back to its original position in an instant, and opens the material passage between the pressurized chamber and the forming hole; 11) the main screw and the auxiliary cylinder (1) takes the template back to its original position (the outlet center of the pressurized SPH The helix is also closed in the closed valve plate.

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