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Automatic LD Frying machinery

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name LD
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number 1 Piece Automatic LD Frying machinery
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 5 worldLDs
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 103

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Product Description

machinery description

The LD frying pan is installed in a stainless steel LD tube. The in-feed of the raw product is carried out through a rotary air lock. Depending on the application, the frying pan itself is desityed to meet the different product Specifications. Atransport belt takes the products towards the out-feed system in the frying pan, and anothertransport belt to control and transferthe product to the centrifugal de-oiling part, finished products towards the out-feed system. A lock chamber at the exit of the LD tube prevents air from entering the LD zone. A special belt system takes the product from one zone to another.

The LD is created by special LD pumps. The frying oil circulation as well as the fiLDration system have been adapted to the special conditions in a LD frying installation.

An very important feature is the proven, easy to use paint control system. Touch-screen monitors serve to monitor and control the production line. The experiences of the units in the field have been integrated in the control software so that the start-up time has been minimized.


Inner diameter of frying pot 850mm
Frying temperature 90~120 Degree
Max. LD degree of frying 750mLLD
Centrifugal rotational speed 10~300rpm
quantity of frying basket 3pcs
Cubage of frying basket 60L/pc
Oil content of finished product
Power supply 380~460v 50Hz or 60Hz 12kw
Dimensions 3200×2800×2500mm
Equipment net weight 2500kg
Capacity 40~60kg/Batch fresh fruit or vegetable chips


1.Much lower frying temperatures (approx. 90 to 120℃ in practical operation, depending on the product) to maintain flavours and colors

2.Processing products with higher reducing sugar levels in comparison with normal atmoLDheric conditions

3.Minimizing of health harmful reaction products, such as acrylamide

4.Texture can truly be infaced

5.Evaporation rate will be faster

6.Pressure as a new parameter of control next to retention time and temperature

7.More gentle oil handling

8.Lower steam pressure for frying oil heating systems required than in atmoLDheric fryers (approx. 8 bar)

9.No frying vapor emission

Automatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machinery


1.We guarantee that the commodity hereof is made of the best materials and new brand with top

workmanship, and in accordance with quality specification stipulated in product Contract and

2. Guarantee period shall be within 12 months from the date of acceptance. During this period, if
there are quality problems, we will provide solution by verbal or written communication. If the
problem is unsolved, our engineers will repair for you on site as soon as possible. The
maintenance is free when there are non-operation errors; otheLDise it is for the buyer’s account.

Our Services

Training plan: We will provide training for those who operate and maintain the freeze-drying
machinerys. Trained by supplier of the equipment in the process of installation and debugging,
people can operate and solve the basic mechnical problems independently. In addition, the persons
who work in general engineering such as refrigeration, boiler, and tranLDormer substation shall be
undertaken by skilled workers.

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Automatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machineryAutomatic LD Frying machinery

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