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microwave gypsum board dryer

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Certification CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $2,000 - 10,000/ Set
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Supply Ability 360 Set/Sets per Year

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microwave gypsum board dryer manufactured by Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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There is a feeding funnel on one side and a hoper outlet on the other side of microwave gypsum board dryer. First, put the material in to the feeding funnel and set the speed of material out, microwave gypsum board dryer will be distributed on the transmission belt evenly and will be drived by the belt pass through microwave heating cavity at uniform speed, the material will be heated by Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment under the microwave heating cavity to achieve the purpose of drying. And then material after dried will out from the hoper outlet of microwave gypsum board dryer.
Features of microwave gypsum board dryer:
1, The way to dry material is microwave generator of microwave gypsum board dryer.
2, The working principle of microwave gypsum board dryer is that microwave is issued by the microwave generator of Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment, formed a strong magnetic field in the microwave drying cavity.Microwave have different effect to different dielectric property of material which can be very beneficial for drying process of Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment. Since hydrone in material is a very strong absorber of microwave, so the higher hydrone the material is. the higher microwave power is. Thus material can be heated by microwave gypsum board dryer evenly.
3,microwave gypsum board dryer is energy saving, more efficiency with selective heating feature. microwave can only heat material directly, can hardly heat the furnace body and furnace chamber. So the efficiency of heating is very high.
4, Controlled by microwave gypsum board dryer PLC. Also achieve one key turn on and turn off. All the buttons to set temperature, speed, spreading thickness and other parameters is all together. Very convenient to use.
5,No need to preheat and will not effect by microwave gypsum board dryer outside temperature.
6,With sight glass on Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment, convenient to observe the condition of the material.


microwave gypsum board dryer
1.excellent quality drying time energy
4.cover less area,hot sale

industrial tunnel microwave gypsum board dryer

1.excellent quality drying time energy
4.cover less area,hot sale

Gypsum is calcium sulfate minerals in the nonmetal sulfate class, is one of the world's oldest building materials. Its application field widely, mainly used in building material, as cement retarder, gypsum products and cementitious materials used in construction, gypsum is added to cement, can make its setting time is reasonable, avoiding the phenomenon of fast setting, and can improve the strength and frost resistance, decrease the rate of drying shrinkage, but the mix is generally not more than 3.5%; Used as a soil conditioner, fertilizers, and pesticides in agriculture; Can also be used in papermaking, paint, rubber, ceramics, plastics, textile, food, arts and crafts, culture and education and medicine, etc; In the absence of other sulfur resources, can also be used as raw materials for the manufacture of sulfuric acid, ammonium sulphate.

Microwave drying equipment is suitable for architectural decoration use plasterboard plasterboard, insulation board, asbestos board, etc. Series manufacture plate by microwave drying equipment to dry, its advantage lies in:
1, time is short, fast, can be continuous production;
2, uniform drying thoroughly, improve product quality, surface not harden, improving toughness, crack, deformation, discoloration, correction, bending, etc;
3, energy conservation and efficient environmental protection;
4, easy to control, easy to realize automatic production;
5, save area, improve working conditions.

The pictures of industrial tunnel microwave gysum board drying machine:

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