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High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

Place of Origin LD, China (Mainland)
Brand Name GRT
Certification CE ,ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $3,225 - 4,838/ Set
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Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

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Product Description

High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

1. Microwave heating speed

2.Heating evenly,Less nutrition loss:

3. sterilization

4. PLC automatic control

Appliation of microwave vacuum drying machine

This machine is used for thermal sensitive low temperature drying solid preparations of Chinese medicine, also can be used as a vacuum concentrating equipment, fast drying speed, significantly improve the quality of products, with high efficiency, heating uniform, easy to control, installation and maintenance .Widely used in medicine, biological, agricultural and sideline products heating, sterilization, curing, drying effect of all sorts of pills and granular material particularly .Microwave vacuum drying at low temperature has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, power linear adjustable, intelligent control, environment, temperature control, prolong life.High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

Features of microwave vacuum drying machine

1,Design for the paste material moisture content and low temperature drying;
2,Vertical Transmission rotation, large paving area, basket type tray, PTFE material;

3,The vacuum degree is less than or equal to -0.09Mpa, subject to automatic control;

4,Thickening 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, no dead angle of 360 DEG automatic cleaning;

5,The core components of the microwave system of independent R & D and manufacturing are strictly in accordance with the standard custom Kaida.
6,Uses of drainage system, high efficiency drainage,
7,Human-computer interface control. PLC automatic control can realize the data storage, output, printing .
8, Microwave power adjustment free. Process parameters set free. Can be set to a variety of process curve;

9,Loading and unloading can be realized automatically, manually positioning and timing.

10,Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, high precision, simple to control, video display, easy to monitor;

Technical Parameters of microwave vacuum drying machine







microwave power /Kw






microwave frequency /MHz












area of Spreading material /m2






sterilization capacity Kg/1kw.h


dehydration capacity kg/kw.h


dehydrating temperature/


Overall dimensions mm





According to customer site design

High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine

High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine ,granular, sheet-like or gel-like food ,and additive, flavoring, medicine, raw material of herbal medicine, nutritional health products, agriculture & sideline products, non-fried(or oil-saving)instant noodles, noodles, rice powder noodles, soy products, beef jerky, preserved meat, dried fish ,tea, tobacco and so on; and for drying, peeling and baking almond, peach kernel, groundnut kernels, chestnut and so on; and for puffing of leisure food ,pachyrhizus chips, potato chips, dried shrimps,Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. fish maw and so on; and for sterilizing and oral liquor, pickles, a variety of small packaging food ;and for drying beans; and for thawing the frozen fish ,poultry; and for drying and desulfurating and deoxidizing the metallurgical chemical products; and for drying printing and dyeing products, ceramics, glass, chemical fiber, cotton yarn, wood, leather, bamboo products, insulation materials, building materials, cork, alveolate cardboard, corrugated ,and so on.
High quality spice microwave vacuum drying machine /dryer machine is electromagnetic waves which frequency from 300 MHZ to 300000 MHZ. Water molecule of heating medium material is polar molecule, its polarity orientation of the electric field with changes caused by the movement of molecules under high rapid frequency electromagnetic field changes, cause the numerator movement and the friction effect of each othe. Microwave field can field at this time into medium heat, make temperature of material increase, produce and popped a series of materialization process to reach the purpose of microwave heating dry.
Microwave heating features:

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