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Box type microwave food drying machine

Place of Origin ShanDong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name GRT food drying machine
Certification CE,ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets food drying machine
Price US $20,000 - 25,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 500 Set/Sets per Month food drying machine

Product Features

This equipment Batch Microwave Dryer & Vacuum Dryer is mainly used in drying fish, medicine, sesame, vegetables, fruit, seafood, flowers,such as ginseng, red ginseng, ginseng, angelica, cordyceps sinensis, honeysuckle, conventional, schisandra, astragalus and konjac, yam, maize seed, tobacco seeds, pumpkin, onion, spinach, brake, wild, carrots, celery, cowpea, chili, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, mushrooms, agaric, garlic, ginger, raisins, kiwi fruit, banana, litchi, longan, apple, hawthorn, persimmon, scallops, dried fish, kelp,vinasse, chrysanthemum, rose dry food processing, etc.Microwave Batch Microwave Dryer & Vacuum Dryer is a sort of electromagnetic wave which frequency is 300GHZ. The water molecule in medium material is polar molecule, under the effect of the repaid change of electromagnetic field, Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. is polarity orientation will alter with the changes of external electric field with high-speed, causing the movements and friction of molecule, so that the microwave field energy Box type microwave food drying machine can be converted to heat energy in medium to rise the temperature of materials, accomplishing heating, puffing and a series of physical processes and so Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. microwave is achieved.

Product Description

Box type microwave food drying machine

The scope of application:

Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.Better thermal stability of material drying and sterilization. Especially all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and itsraw materials, semi-finished products, health products,powder etc.

Box type microwave food drying machine


  • The rotating tray with high efficiency, uniform drying and reliable sterilization.
  • The bottom adopted flat plate structure, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
  • The man-machine interface operation, PLC automatic control, simple operation.
  • Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, high precision, simple control.
  • Suitable for small batch, many kinds of materials drying and sterilization.

Box type microwave food drying machine

Technical data:

Model GRT-M-V-6 GRT-M-V-9 GRT-M-V-15 GRT-M-V-18
Microwave power(Kw) 6 (Adjustable and controllable) 9 (Adjustable and controllable) 15 (Adjustable and controllable) 18 (Adjustable and controllable)
Input power(Kw) ≤7 ≤10 ≤17 ≤20
Accessories area(square meter) 0.5(Monolayer) 0.5(Monolayer) 1.1(Monolayer) 2.5(Monolayer)
Microwave frequency(MHz) 2450±25
Work temperature(℃) 60-120(Adjustable)
Microwave leakage(mW/c) ≤1
Tray layer 1-3
Total weight(Kg) 550 600 850 1350

Energy feedback mode

The side or top to feedback energy
Cooling method Air cooling/Water cooling
Size(L*W*H)(m) 1.2*1.1.6 1.4*1*1.6 1.9*1.5*1.8 2.4*2*1.8
Size(L*W*H)(m) 3*2*1.5 2.4*2*1.8 4*2.5*2.5 4*3*2.5
The above technical parameters is only for reference, the specific parameters of the equipment is varies for your customized requirement.

Packaging & Shipping

The drying machine will be packed in nude but motor and small spare parts are in wooden box. Or we can pack the drying machine according to your requests.

The drying machine always shipped by sea,the freight is low.

With good package,the goods will reach to you in good condition. We assure you the reliable shipment!

Box type microwave food drying machine


1.What is microwave?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy with frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz, generated by magnetrons under the combined force of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other.

2. What is the advantage of microwave equipment compare to Conventional equipment?

Microwave is a direct method of drying and sterilization. Energy is transferred through the material electro-magnetically, not as a thermal heat flux. Therefore, the effect of drying and sterilization is uniformity and process time is short.

Microwave mushrooms sterilizer and dryer could completely preserve the original color, fragrance, nutrition and other properties of spices.

3. How about safety?

Using scientific structure and patented suppression system,industrial microwave drying machine no threat of electromagnetic radiation to the health and safety of equipment operators.

4.What about maintenance?

For microwave dryer and sterilizer, the only part that requires maintenance is the magnetron. In the event of a malfunction or misuse through incorrect operation, this can easily be replaced in less than thirty minutes. Generally,werecommends that the magnetron of industrial microwave dryer and microwave sterilizer be replaced annually or after 8,000 hours of operation, whichever is sooner.

Our Services1. Pre-sale services:
Assistant of clients enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
Select machine model;
Design and manufacture according to clients' special requirement;
Train technical personnel for clients.
2. Services during the sale:
Pre-check and accept machine ahead of delivery;
Help clients to draft solving scheme .
3. After-sale services:
Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.
Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
Install and debug the equipment;
Train the first-line operators;
Examine the equipment;
Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly;
Provide perfect service.Box type microwave food drying machine NOODLES CUI / Sales Manager Zhengzhou Great Machinery Equipment Co., LtdMobile: +86 15517357517whatsapp:+86 15517357517wechat:15517357517Skype: noodles cuiweb: Add: NO.11,Changchun Road,High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou, China

This machine Batch Microwave Dryer & Vacuum Dryer is mainly used in all kinds of drying heat sensitive materials, such as polysaccharides, high starch, oil and other materials. In addition, Box type microwave food drying machine can also be used for the drying, dehydration and concentration of many oxidizable materials.When the equipment Box type microwave food drying machine is running first by microwave microwave generator, the Fed can input device for microwave heater; material is sent to the transmission system of the heater,Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. the moisture in the material in the microwave energy under the effect of temperature and evaporation, Batch Microwave Dryer & Vacuum Dryer dry eye to water vapor by eliminating wet pumping system. The bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects produced by the microwave electromagnetic field. Because Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. microwave is directly acting on the material, the drying temperature is low and the speed is fast. The loss of the effective components in the medicine is very small.

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NOTE:We can specially design the machine according to your production's features.

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