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Walnut Edible Oil Refinery Machine

Walnut Edible Oil Refinery Machine

Walnut oil is a kind of precious nutrient oil. I have used walnut oil as a high-grade edible health oil. French people use walnut oil as the main oil for making salad. The fatty acid composition of walnut oil is mainly linoleic acid 54%, oleic acid 20%, linolenic acid 17%. Walnut oil also contains rich vitamin A, vitamin E and trace metal elements such as zinc and manganese. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid for human body, which has the functions of lowering blood lipid, preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Linolenic acid is the precursor of the synthesis of arachidonic acid EPA and DHA in human body. It can enhance the function of brain cells, improve learning memory and retinal reflex, and prevent dementia and cancer in old age. Therefore, it is a far-reaching industrialization project to develop multi-dimensional fortified walnut oil rich in vitamin A and vitamin E with abundant walnut resources, which not only provides a kind of high-grade health edible oil for human beings, but also promotes the industrialization process of walnut, promotes the development of regional economy and increases farmers'income

Walnut Edible Oil Refinery Machine

Nutritional value of walnut has been recognized by people for a long time. With the deepening of scientific research, this value has gradually been explained in theory. The unsaturated fatty acid content of walnut oil is about 85%, mainly oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid. These unsaturated fatty acids are not only beneficial to regulating blood pressure and promoting metabolism, but also precursors of functional oils such as EPA, DHA and AA. There are two types of liposomes in walnut oil, which can also be used as active ingredients in medicines and cosmetics. Walnut oil has obvious nutritional and pharmacological effects and has become an important nutritional and health-care special oil.The extraction methods of walnut kernel oil include water substitution method, organic solvent extraction method and pressing method. In the process of walnut oil industrialization, not only the quality and yield of oil should be considered, but also the utilization of cake after oil preparation should be taken into account in order to optimize the utilization of resources. Usually, the processing technology of oil will affect the utilization of protein, but the crushing process of walnut oil has little effect on oil and walnut protein.

Walnut Edible Oil Refinery Machine

It is a very suitable method for the production of walnut oil.China's walnut oil enters into commodity or industrial production from the beginning.At the beginning of the 20th century, with the in-depth research and pilot-scale test in recent years, the batch physical refining process has matured. Hebei Jingpin Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. Starting from the process, the crude walnut oil produced by pressing can reduce the quality of walnut oil by intermittent physical refining compared with chemical refining.Sound, after more than two years of production, commissioning and improvement, has been achieved! Jingpin brand walnut oil large-scale production.

Oil Refinery Machine:

At present, there are five kinds of walnut oil processing technology at home and abroad:

(1) hot pressing technology: after fried walnut kernels, mechanical method is used to extract walnut oil at higher temperature. The oil yield of this process is very high, but because of high temperature operation, oxidative deterioration of oil, peroxide value, acid value and other serious excess, walnut protein meal has lost its edible and nutritional health value due to denaturation.
(2) Water substitution process: walnut oil is prepared by stirring walnut kernels and grinding them, then by mixing, stirring and shaking oil separation. Because of the high process temperature, the maximum can reach 130, which has the same quality problems as hot pressing process.
(3) Dissolution process: Walnut oil is prepared by crushing, rolling, soaking and DESOLVING of oil-solubilizer butane and propane. The oil extraction rate of this process is high, but the residual non-edible butane and propane in walnut oil damaged the natural quality of the oil in the process of desolution, which could not meet the export standard of walnut oil. In addition, because of the high oil content of walnut, some oil must be extracted by hydraulic press before rolling billet.
(4) Supercritical CO2 extraction process: This process is the latest new separation process adopted in the world in recent years. The principle that non-polar oil can be leached by CO2 in supercritical state is used to produce oil. The walnut oil can be efficiently put forward by this process.

(5) Cold pressing technology: walnut kernels do not need to be fried, directly mechanical cold-fried, the oil yield is about 60%-70%, generally need to be repeated pressing 2-3 times. The quality of physically refined walnut oil is obviously better than that of hot pressed and dissolved oil. The aroma and taste of physically refined walnut oil are better than those of CO2 supercritical extraction oil, and the processing cost is very low. Intermittent physical refining process is a kind of cold pressing process which is matched and optimized by equipment and process.

Walnut Edible Oil Refinery Machine:

Because the physical refining process of walnut oil is simple and the high temperature process is avoided, the properties of walnut oil and walnut meal are maintained, and the intermittent refining operation is easy to master in technology and management, which is suitable for the small and medium scale of walnut oil processing in China and avoids the large scale, large investment and large energy consumption in continuous refining. Higher technical management. Therefore, this process is the best technology to produce walnut oil. Specific process flow:Walnut oil-crude filtration-degumming-deacidification-decolorization-precision filtration-antioxidant treatment-fillin

According to the characteristics of walnut oil, walnut oil can be directly edible by mechanical pressing, but in order to produce standardized commodities for marketing, it must be refined and meet the requirements of national standards. According to the characteristics of walnut crude oil, intermittent physical refining process can be used to refine walnut crude oil. The refining process only needs hydration degumming, deacidification, decolorization and other processes, and does not need deodorization, thus avoiding the process of high temperature and high vacuum, which not only keeps the good quality of walnut oil, but also reduces equipment investment and production costs. Practice has proved that intermittent physical refining is a suitable process for walnut oil refining, meets the new fashion of green products, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and pollution-free.

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