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Crude Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line

Crude Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line

Palm trees: Originated in Western Guinea, they were spread to Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America in the fifteenth century. It was introduced to Malaysia in 1870 and commercial planting began in 1917. The main producers of palm oil are Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea and Ecuador.Palm trees are the most efficient oil-producing plants in the world. Compared with other oil-producing plants, palm trees like high temperature and rainy weather, and can bear fruit all the year round. Their most characteristic is that they have reliable and fixed yields throughout the year. The production period can be reached within 3 years and the economic life of 20 to 25 years can be maintained. July to October is the peak production season in a year. 12-April is the period of production reduction, but sometimes there will be a small peak production season in March-May.Palm fruit: Each tree has l0-12 palm fruit bundles every year. Each fruit bundle contains 1000 to 3000 fruits. Palm fruit consists of pulp and pit. The hard shell of the pit is removed from the pit, and the remaining nuts are palm kernels. Both the pulp and the pit contain oil. After treatment, palm extract and palm barrel kernels oil were pressed.

Crude Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line:

Palm kernel meal contains not only high energy value protein, crude fibre, minerals, vitamin BE, manganese and silicon, but also balanced amino acids. It can be used for energy raw materials and maize. It can greatly increase the utilization rate of energy feed. At the same time, it is a beneficial supplement to protein feed (concentrate), so that livestock can be more rapid and healthy, and achieve the purpose of reducing feed costs.

The content of nutrient-rich dry matter in palm kernel meal is 2 percentage points higher than rice bran meal and wheat bran; the content of ammonia-free extract is 90% of corn, crude protein content is 7 percentage points higher than corn, and metabolic energy is higher than corn; the content of iron, manganese, copper and selenium is much higher than corn. The contents of important amino acids (lysine and methionine) were much higher than those of corn and wheat bran.

Oil Press Production Line:

Crude Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line

Application of Palm Kernel Meal in Feed:
Pig and pig meat can be used to reduce the cost of feed. The amount of palm feed can be increased to 5 to 7% in the early growth stage, and 5 to 7% in the growing pigs. The palm can be used for 8 to 12% in the diet of sows and sows. Different from single-stomach animals, palm kernel meal contains about 10% of natural rumen-passing vegetable fat, which can pass through the rumen and has a high absorption rate in the small intestine. Palm kernel meal can not only be used as ruminant feed with high value, but also provide high quality fiber. It can be used to 15-30% in concentrate of dairy cows and beef cattle. Adding palm kernel meal to diet can provide high dry matter content, which can be 10-15% and improve the quality of milk and beef. Because of its high fat content, Brown kernel meal is usually classified as energy feed, which can replace maize, bran, cotton meal or take the amino acid composition into account when replacing with protein feed.

Crude Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line

The most direct effect of replacing maize with brown kernel meal is that the feeding effect is consistent but the cost is greatly reduced, so that the benefit is significantly improved, and the competitiveness of feed enterprises and animal husbandry enterprises is greatly enhanced. Brown kernel meal has low price and no side effects. It is especially suitable for feedstuffs such as cattle, sheep, horses and deer. Palm kernel meal and aquatic feed can be added 5-10% to aquatic feed. The energy provided was higher than wheat bran, and the protein, vitamin and trace elements were higher than other energy raw materials such as wheat bran and maize. The effect of micro-powder is good and the adhesion of aquatic feed granules is improved.

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