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Oilseeds Pretreatment Equipment

Oilseeds Pretreatment Equipment

China is a big cotton producer in the world, and cotton production accounts for one third of the world's cotton production, of which Xinjiang accounts for more than one third of the whole country's output. The main product of cotton production is cotton fiber (lint), cottonseed after ginning is the main by-product of cotton production. 50%~60% of cottonseed weight is cottonseed kernel, 40%~50% is cottonseed shell, the main part of cottonseed kernel.The essential ingredients are oil and protein. Cottonseed contains 30%-40% oil and 30%-40% protein. Retain a small portion of the cottonseed.For seed use, the rest is used to extract grease. The by-product of cottonseed oil extraction is cottonseed cake or meal. The cake is weighed after crushing oil, and the meal is weighed after pre-press leaching or direct leaching. By-products of cottonseed oil extraction after shelling.It is called cottonseed cake or meal. Cottonseed cake (meal) can be used as animal protein feed after gossypol removal.

Oilseeds Pretreatment Equipment

The nutritive value of cottonseed (kernel) cake (meal) varies greatly. The main factors affecting the nutritive value of cottonseed (kernel) cake (meal) are the degree of cottonseed hulling and the process of oil production. The crude protein content of cottonseed meal (meal) can reach 40%-50%, which is similar to that of soybean meal.
When the cottonseed cake contains 16%-20% crude fiber, the crude protein content is only 20%-30%. Different oil-making processes result in different fat content in cake and meal, which results in different crude protein content in cake and meal. In general, the content of fat in cake is high and crude protein is low, while the content of fat in meal is low and crude protein is high.

We adopt a new cottonseed pretreatment technology, which can reduce the shell content of cottonseed to the greatest extent, make the protein content of cottonseed meal more than 60%, and improve the production capacity of cottonseed soaking and the effect of one-time leaching of cottonseed flakes, and greatly improve the comprehensive economic benefits.

Oilseeds Pretreatment Equipment

On the basis of widely absorbing the technical advantages of the same kind of oilseeds pretreatment equipment and related enterprises in China, this process is continuously improved and perfected. It has the advantages of low kernel content in cotton hulls, low shell content in cotton kernels, high crude protein content in cotton kernels meal and safe and reliable operation. The characteristics of the production process are as follows:
(1) The traditional cottonseed screening and de-impurities were adopted in the cottonseed de-impurities process.
Iron and stone removal devices can simultaneously remove impurities, iron and stone, protect the safe operation of the equipment in the later process, and improve the quality of crushing, shell separation and rolling.
(2) The cottonseed shelling process adopts the gear roller crushing and shelling machine.
It has the characteristics of high yield, low power consumption, high kerneling rate and strong applicability.
(3) In the process of separating kernels and shells, the improved stepped kernels and shells separating sieve, round beating sieve and air-sieve ratio recombination separator are used to form the combined separating system of kernels and shells. The system adopts the key equipment of air-screen ratio recombination separation, and forms an original multi-stage separation system for kernels and shells. After primary separation of cottonseed hulls, 95% of the kernels can be separated, and the shell content of kernels is about 7%(W/W). After further separation, the shell content of kernels can reach about 1%(the residual cottonseed hulls are crushed hulls with diameter less than 1 mm) and the kernel content in the shell is less than 1%. After the broken cottonseed was separated by kernel-shell separation system, there was no lint in the cottonseed.

The crude fibre content of cottonseed meal is greatly reduced because the shell content of cottonseed is about 1%. The protein content of cottonseed meal can reach more than 60%, which is 5%-10% higher than that of other conventional processes.The utilization value of cottonseed meal was improved.As the purity of cotton kernels is improved, the soaking production capacity can be increased by 10%.As the purity of cotton kernels is improved, the quality of cotton kernels rolled blanks can be improved.At the same time, the influence of cotton hull and velvet on the residual oil was reduced, and the residual oil rate of cottonseed meal was reduced.The pretreatment equipment can be used for cottonseed dephenolization or glandless cottonseed leaching at low temperature, which creates good conditions for the production of cottonseed protein isolate and tissue protein.

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