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Castor Oil Plant Seeds Machine


Castor oil seed is a kind of herb produced in the south, and this plant has its own special morphological characteristics, in many Chinese medicine books, castor oil seed is also a great use, has a very obvious medical effect, for a variety of diseases is a certain therapeutic effect, can effectively treat a variety of skin diseases.

Ricinus communis, originating in Ecuador, Eastern Africa, has been introduced to Asia, Europe and America. It is now widely distributed in tropical and temperate regions of the world. It is an oil crop with high economic value. China's castor bean was introduced from India 1400 years ago. By the end of the last century, the castor seed production of India, China and Brazil had accounted for more than 80% of the world's total output.

Castor Oil Plant Seeds Machine:

The oil content of castor seed is generally about 50%. Castor oil does not solidify at low temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, deteriorates and burns at high temperature of 500 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius. It is used in the production of high-grade lubricating oil. It is used as dyeing aids, lubricants, plasticizers, emulsifiers and raw materials for making coatings, paints, soaps and inks in chemical, metallurgical, electromechanical, textile, printing and dyestuff industries.

Castor Oil Plant Seeds Machine

The whole plant of castor has certain economic value. Castor peel contains hemp fiber, which is the raw material for rope, paper and board production. Because the castor stalk contains ricinine and toxic protein, it will not contain insect eggs and pests. The packaging material made from castor stalk bark is an international inspection-free product. Castor silkworm can be reared by castor leaf. Castor silk is a good light textile material. After detoxification, castor oil meal is a high quality protein feed, and can also be used as raw material for fertilizer and activated carbon production.

Oil Plant Seeds Machine:

Ricin has a strong cytotoxicity. Researchers extracted natural ricin from castor seeds. Taking leukemia K562 cells, colorectal cancer SW480 cells, colon cancer Colon 205 cells and normal mouse fibroblasts NIH3T3 as subjects, we found that ricin can also exert cytotoxicity at low concentrations. Ricin has attracted the interest of scientists because of its high cytotoxicity. People began to consider the application of ricin in anti-cancer therapy.

Castor Oil Plant Seeds Machine

The main toxic components of castor seed are ricin and ricinine. Ricin is the main component of ricin. It is colorless and tasteless. It can inhibit protein synthesis and produce erythrocyte agglutination. It mainly results in cell death by inhibiting protein synthesis. Researchers believe that ricin is extremely toxic. 70-100 micrograms is enough to kill people. Its toxicity is more than 300 times that of organophosphorus nerve poisoning, 6000 times that of cyanide and 2-3 times that of Cobra nerve poisoning.

Castor Oil Plant Seeds Machine
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