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Biodiesel Oil Production Line

Biodiesel Oil Production Line

The state encourages the clean and efficient development and utilization of biomass fuels and the development of energy crops. As a kind of green energy, biodiesel has been promoted all over the country. Based on the investigation of the current domestic application for biodiesel technology patent, the established biodiesel production equipment, the production technology adopted by the production plants and the related policies, the present situation of the industrialized production of biodiesel in China was analyzed, and the existing problems in the development of biodiesel in China were discussed. First, the market access was limited; second, there was no technical specification for the production design and operation of biodiesel manufacturers. As a support, the large-scale expansion has been restricted. Thirdly, the national tax policy has not been well supported. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a considerable gap in the development of biodiesel in China, which has been hovering in the primary research stage for a long time and has not really formed the industrialization of biodiesel.

Biodiesel Oil Production Line

Due to the limited quantity and dispersion of raw materials, domestic biodiesel production units are small in scale, mostly concentrated in some private production enterprises; lack of large-scale production facilities, the advantages of economies of scale have not been fully demonstrated; process technology mostly adopts conventional acid-base catalytic process, and the technical level needs to be further improved. Because the raw oil is made of gutter oil.The quality of these raw oils is lower than that of acidified oils. Not only a series of complex treatment processes are needed before transesterification, but also the yield and quality of biodiesel are not high. In addition, a series of environmental problems brought about by the production process need to be solved and improved. Some new technologies, such as supercritical method and enzyme catalysis, are mainly developed in universities and scientific research institutes. Although some important progress has been made, there is still a long way to go from industrial application.

Biodiesel Oil Production Line

Although the research and development of biodiesel in China started relatively late, the research contents involved the distribution, selection, cultivation, genetic improvement and processing technology and equipment of oil plants. In recent years, industrialization has developed rapidly. Private production is mainly acidified oil. Foreign investment is faster and more stable. Its main focus is to solve the problem of resource protection. The author investigates and finds that, generally speaking, the legal status of domestic patents has not been authorized.

At present, China's biodiesel oil production line has started, and has formed a certain scale of biodiesel industrialization demonstration production plant, but there is still a big gap from the real industrialization, and a lot of research work needs to be done in industrial promotion, industrial planning and scale, industrial norms and so on.On the basis of forming industry and taking the latest science and technology of energy and oil as the guide, we should establish an intensive agricultural (or forestry) production base for energy and oil, and transform it into a biodiesel supply market to form a large-scale agricultural energy industrialization base.At present, there is no fixed Biodiesel Market in China. The performance of biodiesel still needs to be explored through application tests. Driven by market demand and economic benefits, most manufacturers in China are using ditch oil to produce biodiesel, and there is a gap in quality standards. Therefore, when biodiesel products are introduced to the market, they should be gradually improved and perfected so as to eventually form biodiesel quality standards and industrial norms applicable to China.

The main obstacles to the development of biodiesel oil production line in China are as follows: first, the market access is limited, and biodiesel can not be sold through gas stations; second, there is no technical specification for the production design and operation of biodiesel plants, which limits the large-scale expansion; third, there is no good support from the national tax policy. At present, the biggest problem is that cheap and stable raw materials can not meet the demand, so it is urgent to build a fixed plant raw material base.In the specific industrialization process, efforts should be made to develop various catalysts to meet the processing requirements of different raw materials, and to solve the problems of quantity, quality and channel of raw materials so that enterprises can obtain sufficient quantities at reasonable prices.Qualified biodiesel raw materials can be processed, and two platforms of production technology and commercial circulation should be built to promote enterprises to reduce prices, improve quality and occupy the market.

In today's energy shortage, the development prospect of biodiesel industry is very broad. As a kind of renewable energy, biodiesel has irreplaceable advantages. It is of great strategic significance to vigorously develop biodiesel for sustainable economic development, promote energy substitution, reduce environmental pressure and control urban air pollution.Compared with foreign countries, there is still a considerable gap in the development of biodiesel in China, which has been hovering in the primary research stage for a long time and has not really formed the industrialization of biodiesel. The government has not yet put forward a set of policies and measures for fostering, preferential and encouraging biodiesel, nor has it formulated a unified standard for biodiesel and implemented the industrialization development strategy. Therefore, under the background of rapid economic development and environmental protection and double pressures, it is more urgent to speed up the industrialization process of biodiesel with high efficiency and cleanliness.

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