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Meat Processing Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Meat Processing  Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Microwave sterilization technology is the rise of the 1960s, because the basic research and equipment technology is not up to standard, especially can not solve the microwave heating "hot spot" uneven problem, so that the microwave food processing industry was hit by a great deal, once into a low tide. In the 1980s, after the process of continuous optimization, so that these problems have been solved, microwave sterilization technology has become the focus of people's attention. Especially the traditional sterilization method because of the heating time is long, the heat source is single and so on the question causes the product flavor to be destroyed, thus causes many production enterprises to choose the microwave sterilization technology anew. Therefore, the study of microwave sterilization technology is of great significance to promote the application of microwave sterilization technology in the meat industry.

Meat Processing  Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Compared with other sterilization methods of microwave sterilization machine characteristic: the time is short and fast: traditional sterilization rely mainly on heating, by way of conduction, convection and radiation heat from food surface to inner, the passing rate depends on the heat transfer characteristics of food, so the temperature difference between surface and center of food and extend the total time needed for the whole food sterilization. Microwave USES its transmission effect to work together with thermal effect and non-thermal effect, so that food inside and outside uniform, rapid heating, killing bacteria, treatment time is greatly shortened, especially in the strong power density intensity, even as long as a few seconds or dozens of seconds to achieve satisfactory results.

Meat Processing  Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Meat products are easily decomposed at high temperature due to their nutritional composition and aromatic substances. The traditional sterilization method has long heating time and high temperature, so the nutrition and flavor substances are destroyed. In contrast, the rapid heating up of microwave thermal effect and the biochemical effect of non-thermal effect enhance the sterilization function, and can retain more effective components and maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and other characteristics.Microwave sterilization can save boiler, sterilization pressure cooker and artificial. If the equipment is made into a tunnel to achieve continuous production, automation, can reduce labor intensity.

Meat processing microwave sterilization machine for meat processing is a very important operation unit in meat processing. If microwave sterilization is used in this unit, the cost can be saved and the quality and quantity can be guaranteed. Therefore, the development prospect is very broad. In the future, in addition to strengthening the research on the specific process parameters of microwave sterilization and expanding the application scope of microwave sterilization technology in the meat products industry, the mechanism of microwave sterilization should also be further studied. It is believed that through the close cooperation between microwave industry and meat products industry technicians, the microwave food processing theory will be further improved, new microwave processing equipment will be developed, and the processing technology of microwave meat products will be established. The application of microwave technology in meat products processing will be increasingly in-depth and extensive. The production efficiency, technological level, quality and safety of meat products processing will be further improved.

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