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Chocolate Process Microwave Sterilization Machine

Chocolate Process Microwave Sterilization  Machine

Sterilization is an essential step in food processing. The commonly used bus sterilization can not kill all the heat-resistant bacillus bacteria in food, and the heating will destroy the nutrition and natural characteristics of food to different degrees. Microwave bactericidal is contemporary a kind of brand-new technology, its heat time is short, heat up speed is fast, bactericidal even, be helpful for maintaining the physiology activity of food functional component already, be helpful for maintaining the color of raw material, sweet, flavour and nutrition composition again, and do not have chemical material to remain, safety rises. Therefore, it is of great significance to pay attention to microwave sterilization technology to improve the effect of food sterilization and the quality of food after sterilization.

Chocolate Process Microwave Sterilization  Machine

Microwave sterilization machine mechanism and characteristics:Microwave sterilization mechanism has two kinds of thermal effect and non - thermal effect. On the one hand, after the organism receives microwave radiation, the energy of microwave will be converted into heat and produce thermal effect. On the other hand, the interaction between organisms and microwaves can produce complex biological effects, namely, non-thermal effects.

Chocolate Process Microwave Sterilization  Machine

Chocolate process microwave sterilization machine has obvious advantages over traditional thermal sterilization, but the inhomogeneity of microwave heating is still a non-negligible defect. The reason is: (1) food materials usually contain a variety of ingredients, microwave selective heating will make the temperature of different parts of the food rise difference, resulting in heating inhomogeneity; (2) microwave heating, its penetration, absorption, reflection, refraction will affect each other, will make the different parts of the heated object to produce a greater difference in heat energy. (3) the angular effect of microwave electric field is also one of the main reasons for uneven heating. At present, microwave food machinery is not able to effectively avoid the defects of uneven heating, but also need to find a breakthrough in solving the problem from the microwave field heat, energy generation and conduction mechanism.

Microwave sterilization technology can maintain the nutrition of food materials to a large extent, the sterilization effect is significant, can make food without adding preservatives and extend the shelf life. The advantages of microwave sterilization technology have been gradually paid attention to, the application is also widely used in grain and oil products, condiments, poultry products, soy products and dairy products, fruit and vegetable sterilization preservation, aquatic products and medical surgical equipment sterilization and other aspects. Microwave sterilization effect is very good, is an effective way to save cost and improve product quality.

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