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Extrusion Food Microwave Sterilization Machine

Extrusion Food Microwave Sterilization Machine

Classification of extrusion food microwave sterilization machine and Equipment:
According to the types of food and different industries, it can be divided into: grain and oil processing, fruit and vegetable preservation and processing, livestock and poultry products processing, aquatic products processing, convenient food processing, beverage and food processing equipment and comprehensive utilization of waste in food processing.According to the unit operation of food processing: food transportation, cleaning and sorting, crushing, separation, pressing, mixing, concentration, drying, sterilization, ripening, freezing, food packaging machinery, food fermentation equipment, food preservation and storage equipment.

The purpose of the mechanical structure is to meet the functional requirements. For the structure, it is necessary to meet the requirements of food technology. Advanced technology and applicability are the primary factors to consider and study a food machinery equipment.

Extrusion Food Microwave Sterilization Machine

Characteristics of Microwave Sterilization Machine
Freeze-vacuum drying process is a process in which impurities are mixed into the material to keep the original and active ingredients of the material and the shape of the material intact.
Working Principle of Microwave Sterilization Machine:
On the one hand, the vacuum system evacuates part of the moisture, on the other hand, when the material is frozen, the moisture in some molecules is discharged to the surface of the material to freeze. After meeting the freezing requirements, the material is heated and dried by the heating system, and the moisture in the material is brought to the freezing trap through vacuum extraction. The freezing box meets the requirement of material freeze-drying.

Extrusion Food Microwave Sterilization Machine
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