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Breakfast Cereals Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Breakfast Cereals Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Breakfast cereals are made from grains, which are extruded, cooked, granulated, pressed, dried, baked, coated, dried and cooled. It can also be processed into circles, granules, flakes and so on by one expansion. The product can be blended into coffee, eaten after milk, or eaten directly as a leisure snack. It tastes sweet and tastes great.Breakfast cereals, as a convenient, fast, nutritious and balanced food, soon entered millions of households. In modern processing, extruder is usually used to complete the full kneading, cooking and pelleting of corn flour mixture after adding water. Corn flakes are rich in nutrition and relatively balanced. They are rare cereal breakfast foods. They are usually eaten with milk.

Breakfast Cereals Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Breakfast cereal is to cereal such as jade rice, rice, wheat, oats and other raw materials processed into milk (cold food) or a little boiling moment (hot food) can eat breakfast food. Its taste has original taste, add arenaceous candy, bee honey, chocolate force, cinnamon and other flavoring products, and add dried grapes, nuts, coconut, almonds, dried fruits, vegetables and so on. In addition, some products strengthen a variety of vitamin, organic salt and other components, so as to achieve the balance of cultivation; Have add oat drum skin specially to increase food fiber dimension to contain quantity, enhance health care action.

The breakfast cereals microwave sterilizer machine makes food with the following characteristics:

(l) good for health. Breakfast cereal food raw material is a variety of five grains, rich in food fiber dimension, has a certain health effect on the body.

(2) balanced operation and maintenance. A variety of cereal combination with milk, nutrition was balanced.

(3) natural quality. This kind of food is basically a natural raw material, without artificial additives.

(4) convenient to eat. Breakfast cereals are convenient to eat, not to mention ready-to-eat or quick-cook.

Breakfast Cereals Microwave Sterilizer Machine

The breakfast cereal made by the microwave sterilization machine is a kind of nutritious food. One aspect of it is that it is rich in complex carbohydrate, including dietary fiber dimension. Sugary, fatty cereal products contain more of these important ingredients than candy bars, and high-quality cereal products offer more complex carbohydrates than any of the other products discussed above, which is similar to some other cereal products (such as pasta packets and tortillas). In fact, there is a relationship between the cereal content of breakfast cereals and the complex carbohydrate content, and it needs to be pointed out that products made with added sugar, especially for children and people with high activity levels, need to consume more calories. Breakfast cereals also contain many important micronutrients, most of which have been fortified, such as vitamins and minerals.

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