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Candy Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Candy Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Microwave Sterilizer Machine
Traditional thermal sterilization process uses high temperature for a long time to kill harmful microorganisms and inactivate enzyme activity in food, while destroying the nutrient composition, flavor substances and texture of food in varying degrees. According to the requirements of commercial sterilization, the sterilization temperature should reach 85-100 ("pasteurization", for acidic canned food, fruit juice, etc.) or 116-129 ("high temperature sterilization For low-acid canned food) and maintain a certain time. Because the traditional heat transfer process is convection and conduction, the heat transfer speed is slow, and there is a thermal lag phenomenon, resulting in overheating in the central region of food. Although high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology can reduce the adverse effects of heat on food, it is only suitable for liquid food and powder food sterilization. In production, it takes a certain time for solid food materials to reach high temperature, which leads to the loss of food quality. The speed of microwave heating is 3-5 times as fast as that of traditional heating method, so it can effectively reduce the loss of product quality while guaranteeing bactericidal effect. Especially in solid and semi-solid food, the effect of microwave sterilization can be comparable to that of instantaneous high temperature sterilization technology.

Candy Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Especially in solid and semi-solid food, the effect of microwave sterilization is comparable to that of instantaneous sterilization at high temperature.
The effect of microwave on microorganisms is not only thermodynamic, but also non-thermodynamic. Non-thermodynamic effect refers to the physiological, biochemical and functional changes of cells without obvious changes in temperature. Microwave heating is a process in which alternating electromagnetic fields act on polar molecules such as water, protein and nucleic acid in materials, resulting in high-speed orientated transport of polar molecules. Moving and rubbing each other lead to a sharp rise in internal temperature, which can modify or inactivate the molecular structure of proteins and nucleic acids in microbial cells.

Application of Candy Microwave Sterilizer Machine in production

(1) substantially improve production efficiency; (2) reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. (3) protect the environment, save raw materials and reduce product costs. (4) it is conducive to the hygiene of packaged products, improving the quality of products and enhancing the competitiveness of market sales. (5) extend the shelf life of products to facilitate the circulation of products. (6) the packaging site area can be reduced to save capital investment.

Candy Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Candy machine has certain advantages: 1. High degree of automation, candy machine is generally an automatic packaging machine, its structure is complex, high degree of automation. It can make paper feeding, paper cutting, paper copying, sugar processing, packaging and sugar automatic completion of the process. 2. It is easy to adjust the shape and size of candy bars and the properties of wrapping paper. In order to make the confectionery function work reliably, the confectionery machine has the adjustment system and a certain range of infinitely variable speed device. 3. The power consumption is small. The packaging object (candy bar) of the candy machine has a small mass (generally less than 20g). 4. High hygienic requirements, candy machine must ensure the hygienic quality of candy. The components in direct contact with the sugar shall meet the requirements of food hygiene, and can be rapidly decomposed and combined.

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