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Chemical Material Microwace Drying Sterilization Equipment

Chemical Material Microwace Drying Sterilization Equipment

In the production process of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, because the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are easily lost too fast in high temperature and high pressure environment, the quality of finished products is low, resulting in waste of resources such as production process is still in many. Medicinal materials belong to heat-sensitive materials. Excessive high temperature can easily damage the active ingredients of materials themselves. In recent years, some enterprises have made use of chemical material microwace drying sterilization equipment to dry and produce Chinese medicine preparations, pills, extracts and slices, etc., which have achieved surprising results. It not only saves the time and cost of production, but also saves a lot of production costs. Microwave vacuum drying sterilization equipment can be used for microwave sterilization at the same time of drying, fully in line with GMP standards.

Chemical Material Microwace Drying Sterilization Equipment

According to the feedback from customers, microwace drying sterilization equipment of Dongguan Huaqing Microwave can solve the problems of excessive drying temperature, pollution-free production environment, energy saving, high efficiency and automatic production. When the water content in the extract decreases, the external temperature of the extract may be too high to produce coke chips by means of heat conduction heating. Such products will affect the quality of finished products and the effect of medical treatment. Under the vacuum condition of vacuum drying equipment, the temperature in the chamber can be controlled between 40 and 80 degrees. HQ-ZK2A is equipped with infrared thermometer. When the surface temperature of material is higher than the set temperature upper limit, it will automatically adjust to meet the requirements of production drying. Under vacuum conditions, the loss of effective ingredients of thermally sensitive medicinal materials can be minimized, and the production efficiency can be guaranteed.

Advantages of Microwave Vacuum Dryer

Chemical Material Microwace Drying Sterilization Equipment

1, High Efficiency
Conventional vacuum dryers are heated by steam. They need to be heated from inside to outside. The heating speed is slow and a lot of coal is consumed. The microwave vacuum dryer uses electromagnetic wave heating. It does not need heat transfer medium and directly heates to the inside of the object. The heating speed is fast. The microwave of 1 kilowatt can heat the water at room temperature to 100 (?) in 3-5 minutes. The disadvantages mentioned above are fast speed, high efficiency, shorter drying period and lower energy consumption. Compared with conventional drying technology, it can increase work efficiency more than four times.

2. Heating uniformly
Owing to microwave heating, the material is heated from inside to outside at the same time. The temperature difference between inside and outside of the material is very small, and the inconsistency between inside and outside heating in conventional heating will not occur, resulting in the effect of expansion, conducive to crushing and greatly improving the drying quality.

3. Easy to control, easy to continuous production and automation. Because microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia, it is easy to control in real time, and can adjust temperature arbitrarily between 40 ~100 ~C.

4. The product quality is good. Compared with the conventional method, the quality of the processed product has been greatly improved. Microwave has the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization, and the product is safe and hygienic. Long shelf life. From the characteristics introduced above, we can see the remarkable economic and social benefits from energy saving, consumption reduction, product quality improvement, safety and hygiene, low cost of equipment investment and so on.

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