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Bread machine market: opportunities and challenges coexist

Bread machine market: opportunities and challenges coexist

With the change of life concept, bread on the dining table of foreigners has gradually become a choice for Chinese people's daily nutritional breakfast. The emergence of bread machine and coffee machine accelerated the integration of Chinese and Westerners'dietary culture. A cup of coffee, two pieces of bread and an omelet were added. Many people began to use this fast and fashionable lifestyle to start a busy day.

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In the mid-1990s, bread machine was introduced into China, and some Chinese factories started R&D and production projects. Thanks to the low price and fast product updating, domestic bread machine quickly occupied more than 70% of the retail sales in the international market, mainly in the form of OEM. Since 2000, the bread machine has been optimized for the second generation of technology and integrated into the Chinese operating interface. The bread machine has officially entered the Chinese family.

From the average price of products, in January and April 2014, the average price of chartered flights under the line was 533 yuan, while on-line market statistics for 17 weeks showed that the average unit price of bread machines on the online market was only 372 yuan, with a price difference of 161 yuan from the off-line market. The main price segments of the Chartered airline market are between 100 and 700 yuan, of which 300 and 500 yuan have the highest retail share, reaching 30.8%. In addition, the off-line market of bread machine also shows the trend of transferring to the high price segment. The retail sales share of products in the 150 500 yuan price segment has decreased, while the market share of products in the 500 yuan price segment has increased.

On the other hand, in the online market, bread machines are mainly concentrated in the price range of 200 400 yuan, with a retail share of 56.0%, which is lower than the mainstream price range in the offline market. Judging from the division of the volume segment of bread machine, the bread machine on the market is mainly distributed below 1000g. According to the data of Zhongyikang off-line market monitoring, the market share of 750 1000g volume segment bread machine increased considerably in January and April 2014, up 12 percentage points from the same period last year, and the retail share exceeded half. At the same time, the market share of 500 750g volume segment has dropped by 11 percentage points, and the bread machine market is developing towards large and medium volume segment.

Bread machine market is toward intelligent, high-end direction, with the popularity of Western lifestyle, bread machine will become small kitchen appliances China common family, and with the increase of consumer demand, the market competition is escalating. To create a healthy diet has become a new starting point of the bread machine enterprises to seize the domestic market, the consumer is always in pursuit of better products and more perfect product experience, more functional, more intelligent, more stylish appearance will be several key bread machine enterprises to participate in market competition, the strength of competition

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